DTC Prose Taps Climate Tech For Location-Specific Personalization

Lisa Johnston
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Prose’s online consultation will now incorporate such data as smoke exposure and air pollution.

Digital native beauty company Prose is leaning into climate technology to provide more intensive personalization for consumers.

Prose, an RIS News Hot Retail Start-Up, leverages machine learning to develop made-to-order haircare products. Now the company has teamed with climate tech company BreezoMeter to collect data about local pollution levels that could potentially impact a consumer’s hair and scalp.

BreezoMeter’s technology, which is used within the air quality index on Apple’s Weather app, leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect and analyze data from more than 49,000 sensors around the world.

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As a result, Prose’s online consultation will now incorporate BreezeoMeter data for such things as smoke exposure, air pollution, and other location-specific environmental factors. It will then use this information to determine the proper ingredients to be used in a consumers’ products.

Founded in 2017 in Brooklyn, NY, Prose’s 25-question consultation analyzes more than 85 data points to identify the right formula and custom hair routine for consumer. In addition to weather factors, it also accounts for such things as workout habits, stress levels, diet, and scalp condition.

The company’s proprietary algorithms mean that more than 79 trillion possible combinations are available when creating personalized formulas. Prose has its own custom backend system to house each formula, and its Review & Refine feedback loop technology optimizes and improves upon them as they relate to others with similar results.

Megan Streeter, chief marketing officer at Prose, noted that the company is continuously improving on consumer experience through its formulas.

“We customize each and every product for the consumer and only use the highest quality natural ingredients,” she added, “so we are thrilled to be able to partner with BreezoMeter to utilize their extensive data on geo-aggressors to inform the best possible formulas for customers across the U.S. and Canada and continue to deliver the most personalized care.”

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