Research and Reports

  • From Innovation to Profit: New Product Development Strategies for CPG

    Inefficiencies in R&D and NPD practices can mean the difference between a profitable, predictable innovation engine and a string of underperforming laggards that drain revenue and resources.
    Sopheon eBook 2021
  • Connect, Collaborate with Supply Chain Solutions for a New World

    In an ever-evolving supply chain landscape, constantly staying ahead of the curve to meet the demands of the consumer is essential. The shift to online channels has fragmented demand, leading to challenges in order fulfillment.
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  • How Cloud Software Enabled L’OCCITANE to Accelerate and Demonstrate Sustainability Goals

    In this complimentary case study, learn how L’OCCITANE is leveraging modern cloud software to accelerate and demonstrate their sustainability goals.
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  • Data Reveal: Today's Sales & Marketing Tech Priorities

    Join CGT and a panel of experts in an upcoming live Q&A to dive into the findings of our 12th annual Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Report.
  • How a Unified Cognitive Business Network Powers Supply Chain Transformation

    The pandemic has forced CGs to rapidly adjust to changes in demand and other supply risks. This means leveraging technology to spark a transformation that involves reimagining business with a futuristic consumer in mind. Read on to learn more.
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  • SAP Reimagine Consumer Products

    Reacting to change is just the beginning.  The time is now to totally REIMAGINE CONSUMER PRODUCTS to weather any challenge and thrive in the most competitive of future environments.  
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  • Supply Chain Execution Playbook 2022

    Learn projections for supply chain execution in 2022, including what steps CGs can take to mitigate some of the disruption and complexity, the tech investments they’re expected to make, and just how today’s “hybrid operation model” will fare in the near and long term.
  • Enabling a Future-Proof Supply Chain

    Achieving flexibility and resilience is proving a tall order, thanks to the current state of many consumer goods supply chains. Read on and discover how CGs can strengthen their supply chain foundation in an era of constant change in this latest roadmap report.
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  • CGT’s 2021 CMO of the Year Winners

    Bestowed upon an executive who has made the greatest demonstrable impact through the implementation and successful use of new marketing strategies, technologies and/or processes, this year's CMO of the Year winners are The Hershey Company’s Jill Baskin and e.l.f. Beauty’s Kory Marchisotto.
  • Tech-Driven Revenue Planning in an Omnichannel World

    Measuring trade promotion effectiveness has never been a straightforward task, but today’s abrupt digital shift has tangled the webs and tightened the knots for unprecedented complexity.
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  • Empowering CGs to Focus on Supply Chain Opportunities

    CGT tapped into the expertise of Lori Harner, senior director of product marketing for E2open, to get her perspective on how CGs can become more empowered to focus on the supply chain opportunities moving forward.
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  • CGT’s 2021 CIO of the Year Winners

    Each year, CGT collects nominations for CIOs who are making a business impact within their consumer goods organizations through the implementation and successful use of technology. This year, we unveil three winners; read about them here.
    2021 CIO of the Year Winners