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Liz Dominguez is the managing editor for EnsembleIQ's RIS News and CGT brands, reporting on the latest breaking news in the retail and consumer goods space and helping today's business leaders retain the competitive edge in their respective areas.  




ChatGPT, TikTok & DraftKings: 4 CPGs Getting Creative for Super Bowl 2023

These are the four standout brands that are supplementing their Super Bowl commercials with engaging, digitally-focused campaigns.

Under Helm of New CEO Hein Schumacher, Will Unilever Supply Chain See Increased Digital and Sustainable Innovation?

The leadership swap could bring significant change to the company if Schumacher’s track record over the last several years is any indication. Learn more.

Kellogg’s People Analytics Exec Petra Mudder Talks Growing Value By Intermingling Data and HR

Petra Mudder, director of global people analytics at the Kellogg Company is merging the worlds of data and human resources to create a unique value proposition that establishes an employee-centric culture. Learn about the latest strategies.

Escaping Irrelevance: How The Container Store Is Transforming Its Customer Journey

Differentiation in today’s chaotic and must-be-everywhere-all-at-once commerce environment is difficult to nail down. How can brands break through the noise? Learn how The Container Store is achieving this.

Lowe’s Busts Through Data Silos With Digital Twin Traffic-Tracking Avatars

While digital twin technology has been implemented in the retail industry for years, many CPG and retail brands are just now beginning to understand the true potential, unlocking their transformative ability to leverage data in new ways.

How Is Unilever Readying for Industry 4.0? With 2 New Lighthouse Awards

Its Tianjin, China and Indaiatuba, Brazil locations are being recognized for implementing advanced fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and digital twins. Learn more.

Amazon Expands Buy With Prime to U.S.-Based Brands, Nixes Invitation-Only Model

Amazon’s exclusive Buy With Prime service is no longer by invitation only. The company will be expanding it to all eligible U.S.-based brands by the end of the month.

Impossible Foods Prepares for Growth: Sherene Jagla Tapped as Company’s First Chief Demand Officer

The company has tapped Sherene Jagla to take on the new role of chief demand officer, as Impossible Foods prepares to grow.

Save the Date: Analytics Unite 2023 Registration Is Now Open!

Join us on May 3-5 to celebrate 10 years’ worth of high-value education and networking; can’t-miss, expert-packed sessions; and plenty of opportunities to toast the enormous achievements across both the retail and consumer goods industries over the past several years.

Nike Zones In on Consumer Engagement With Digital Approach: How Mobile Apps Drive Value and Membership Growth

Consumer-direct acceleration, said John Donahue, president and CEO, is fueling Nike’s marketplace approach, allowing the company to directly connect with consumers no matter where they shop. Key to this strategy has been Nike’s investments in digital experiences, primarily via its mobile apps.