How a Robust Content Strategy Like e.l.f Cosmetics' Can Push Past Market Uncertainty

Content Strategy Graphs

The definition of content is so expansive it can be difficult to pinpoint its uses within the consumer goods space. Everything from agreements, employee forms and marketing plans can fall under the umbrella, leaving organizations wondering how its applications play a role in the ever-evolving demands of consumers and the strategies put in place to attract and retain their business. 

From the development of a product to delivery, content plays a role in each stage across the design, marketing, and post-purchase messaging of goods and services. Myriad challenges persist, such as with legacy solutions that may be unable to deliver the speed-to-market that is now expected. 

Hear from an industry executive who began her career in the entertainment space with brands such as Dreamworks and Interscope to learn how to formulate engaging content strategies — such as those employed by successful brands like e.lf. Cosmetics — that exceed consumer expectations and allow businesses to stay at the edge of innovation.