Close the Innovation Loop with Traceability and Lifecycle Intelligence



Food safety and waste not only impact a company's bottom line, but they can also have deep ramifications on consumer perception of a brand. CPGs need to keep these issues top of mind from the beginning of product design — and all the way through the supply chain to the shelf, pulling invaluable consumer feedback along the way.

Learn how to increase food safety and freshness, minimize waste, enhance your brand’s reputation, and grow profits by leveraging data analytics across the supply chain to close the loop back to product and production design.

Join us in this 45-minute session to learn more about the secure technology providing full visibility and intelligence to every step of the supply chain, from raw material to product delivery. 

Learn how:

  • Smart technology provides full transparency with data-based authenticity and product safety
  • Consumer-trusted traceability applications unlock consumer feedback to loop info back to product design
  • Closed-loop manufacturing leverages data analytics and insights to drive continual improvement in production KPIs


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