Bedrock Analytics and Nielsen CPG Data Power Free Trial

Alarice Rajagopal
Senior Editor
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Bedrock Analytics, an intelligent analytics and insights automation platform for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, announces a new partnership with Nielsen, a global measurement and data analytics company that provides CPG manufacturers with a 45-day free trial of a comprehensive CPG analytics platform available. The free trial includes access to one-year-old Nielsen data from 50 key product categories for 50,000 brands across all major retail channels, XAOC regions and markets throughout the United States, marking the first time CPG companies have access to such valuable data and analytics for free.

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As part of the free trial, CPG companies will have access to archived Nielsen data from 52 individual weeks — including 4 week, 13 week, 26 week and 52 week aggregate periods — as well as 21 key measures including dollars sales, unit sales, distribution, pricing, velocities, promotions and more. Participating companies will have access to all segments, competitive brands and SKUs in a single product category. Using the Bedrock Analytics platform, users will be able to:

Visualize important sales trends: Conveniently compare and contrast different products and markets in a library of easy-to-understand visualizations covering analytics such as Trend, Share, Rank, Gap and more.

Craft compelling storylines for sales: Access storylines that walk through a sequence of data events leading to a final, focused insight. Storylines for pricing and market comparisons, for example, end with specific insights into a company’s pricing strategy or market reach. Storylines make it easy to communicate with executives and retail buyers exactly what’s going on with your products and markets.

Analyze promotion strategies and event calendars: Add context to sales data with Bedrock’s Promotion Analysis and Events Calendar. Plan, analyze and summarize promotions with intuitive and interactive visualizations, and easily share promotion and event insights.

Gain competitive intelligence: Understand how competitors are performing by comparing sales data, promotions, pricing and other factors in various markets and channels.

Learn from the in-app guided tour: Bedrock Trial users will have access to a library of tips and tutorials in which we share best practices for using Bedrock to analyze CPG data, drawn from the experiences of our expert staff, and hundreds of customers worldwide. This is our master class.

Bedrock Analytics is the first analytics platform to harmonize data from the entire CPG ecosystem — including retailers, syndicated data, and point of sale systems — and automatically surface insights about a CPG product's sales, competitive trends and overall market opportunities. The Bedrock platform levels the playing field for CPG companies that don’t have endless resources and armies of analysts, by using machine learning algorithms and insight automation tools to distill complex data into what matters most to sales, marketing, analytics and executive teams.

According to Will Salcido Bedrock Analytics CEO, Nielsen’s comprehensive data is now part of Bedrock Analytics’ intelligent platform. The partnership aims to help users better understand the value of telling better sales stories, without first having to make a financial commitment.

Bedrock originally joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network in late 2019. Through this program, Nielsen delivers data to Bedrock, which Bedrock then analyzes using its advanced machine-learning platform. The Nielsen Connect Partner Network is an industry open ecosystem of tech-driven solution providers for retailers and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry