Addressing Strategic Priorities for Brand Innovation and Growth

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Continuous growth is the lifeblood of the consumer goods industry — brands that stand pat and refuse to evolve will see their market share slowly fade. To stay relevant with fickle consumers brands must accelerate their growth and innovation plans to ensure the long-term health of the organization.  

At the 2021 Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit (CGSM), CGT and SAP hosted an interactive workshop to examine the current state of innovation and how brands can best fast track growth. As part of this peer-to-peer event attendees were encouraged to share their first-hand experience and discuss the challenges and opportunities they are currently facing.

This exclusive webinar will build off the workshop’s main themes and provide attendees with an in-depth look at how leading consumer goods companies are accelerating growth and building the enterprise of tomorrow. The panel will provide a deep dive into new routes to market; new product innovation; and understanding consumer sentiment in an ever-changing marketplace.

A recap of the workshop is available here, and a podcast highlighting the key takeaways from CGSM helps set the stage for this interactive conversation. 
Jon Dano, Industry Executive Advisor - Consumer Products, SAP
Paul Larson, Senior Principal, Industry Executive Advisor Consumer Products, SAP
Sunny Neely, Global Solution Director, SAP
Tim Denman, Editor-in-Chief, CGT & RIS